Frequently Asked Questions

My vehicle was just in a accident and was totaled. Can I still donate my vehicle even though its not running?

Yes, we accept vehicles in any condition regardless of the year, make or model.

I would like to donate my vehicle but I cannot find my title. Can I still donate my vehicle without the title?

Yes you can still donate your vehicle without the title. All we ask is that you are the registered owner of the vehicle and you have to provide us with a copy of your license and vehicle registration.

I recently donated my vehicle to Tree Of Life and have yet to receive my permanent tax deduction paperwork. How long do I have to wait before I receive my tax papers?

Generally it takes approximately 7-14 days from the initial vehicle pick-up, providing that you fax or mail us your temporary donation receipt. If your having any difficulties please contact our staff at 1-800-364-5849 or fax us at 1-866- 576-7258 and we will be more than happy to help you resolve the matter.

I was recently told that there is no longer a blue book value associated with my donated vehicle. How does your organization go about placing a value on the vehicle i donate?

Since January of 2005, President Bush has changed the tax laws so there is no longer a blue book value associated with donated vehicles. Our charity places your vehicle into a charity auction and the fair market value placed on your vehicle at the auction becomes the fair market value of your vehicle.

I donated a 95’ Honda Accord with a new alternator, 4 new tires and I just put a new alarm on my vehicle. Is it possible that I will receive more than $500 tax deduction because I placed much more care into maintaining my vehicle?

Depending on the overall condition of your vehicle and the mileage it may not be valued over receiving a $500 tax deduction. If your donated vehicle does not have any serious mechanical problems and is in good overall shape then it would be sold at a charity auction. After the vehicle is sold you will receive a copy of the bill of sale stating the sale price. Tree Of Life will then issue you a tax deduction reflecting the sale price of your vehicle.

Do you accept furniture, clothing, computers or any other donations besides vehicles?

Yes but please contact us so we can make arrangements regarding the item you would like to donate. Depending on your location and resources available in that location will determine if we can retrieve your donated goods.



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