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Established in 1992, The Food On Wheels program has been providing nutritious meals to low income families. Today, many families are fow-bagsliving paycheck to paycheck and our food programs help them supplement their income. Senior citizens who are home-bound often find it very difficult to get on the food delivery program list at their local community center, but our Food On Wheels trucks help make this possible.

Statistics today shows that the head of the household for most families live in a single parent dwelling. With a greater financial burden placed on the parent, we offer assistance through the food on wheels services to help ease the rising cost of produce at your local market. Over the years, we have assisted numerous families that were either below income or senior citizens that lack the mobile luxury of walking or driving to the local market.

For families looking for additional support, please contact our office at the following phone number: 1-877-44-MEALS






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