Best Car Donation Program From Food On Wheels

The Food On Wheels program has been servicing the community since 1992. We provide hot and cold dishes to hungry children, senior citizens and families that are in need. If you would like to receive assistance please contact our staff at 1- 877-44-MEALS.


The Tree Of Life is the Proud Sponsor of Food On Wheels Since 1992

The Tree of Life has been the proud sponsor of Food On Wheels since 1992. We are a 501 (c) (3) not for profit IRS recognized charity. We deliver hot and cold meals to senior citizens that lack the mobility to walk or drive to markets. We also deliver meals to families in need, Donations and Volunteers makes a difference in peoples lives. 1-877-44-MEALS. Donate your Cars, Boats, Property, Etc…now and help sponsor Food On Wheels. 1-800-364-5849

  • Free Same Day 3 Hour Pick Up
  • Tax Donation Receipt Given On The Spot.
  • 501 (c) (3) IRS Recognized Charity

Donate Your Car
Free Towing Within 3 Hours

We pride ourselves on donor satisfaction.

We will promptly pick up your vehicle within 3 hours of the initial phone call unless the donor schedules the vehicle for a later pick up date.


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