Listed below, you will find direct feedback from charitable organizations & individuals our organization has assisted through the years.

Thank you for your most generous donation. Your decision to donate to needy children and adults, and to give in the fashion that reflects thefow-truck highest levels of giving. We are glad to know that you understand that every child deserves a childhood with people who care for them and fill their lives with positive experiences and warm memories.

D.F., Coordinator, Volunteer Services, OHEL

On behalf of the board of directors, I wish to thank you for the games, toys & meals you donated to our organization.

S.S., Executive Director
Family Crisis Intervention Program

Your contribution will truly be a strong voice for law enforcement and those who have devoted their lives to serving our citizens.

P.C., President
New York Police & Peace Officers Association

I would like to thank your organization so much for providing food to help support my mother. Without the help of organizations such as yours that help people in need, my family would of been devastated. I would like to take time out and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the deeds you have done and will continue to do….

Truly Yours,
Avam Karlin


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