Car Donations New York

Are you a New York resident who would like to participate in the wonderful gift of giving. Food on Wheels welcomes car donations in New York.fow-boxes3 Perhaps you’re considering the purchase of a new car or truck to replace your current one. Can you help us with the donation of your old car or truck? You can donate your old car to be used to carry food to those who can not be reached any other way.

Our vehicle donation process is simple and we are ready to help you participate in this worthy cause. Through our leadership we hope to set the example for car donation charity in New York. You are warmly invited to share in this great and sorely needed car donation charity. Please help us help to help others get the food they need. We are a not-for profit organization and are recognized by the IRS as one of the car donation charities of New York. We are approved under Internal Revenue code 501 ( c ) ( 3 ).

With your help we can provide food for the hungry.



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